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When it’s time to rock and roll there are no other appropriate ways than to spice up the entire place with different kinds of balloons of various dimensions. Be it a balloon arch you want to incorporate or have a balloon formation as table centres on every dining tables, everything will be flawlessly carried out by LG Party Decorations.

We have gained years of experience and developed intricate ways to sculpt balloons where these air-filled sculptures listen to our words and behave the exact way as we like them to. We maintain harmony with the different balloons so that we can create marvels at your occasion. All of our men are Certified Balloon Artists (CBA) which gives them the ability to work with any kind of balloons be it made of foil or helium.

Through years, we have been decorating innumerable parties and gatherings of any span. You can vouch on our calibre and hire us to make the day all the more memorable. Call us now for any kind of occasion, small or big, in and around Melbourne. You can get in touch with us for events like birthday parties, weddings and corporate meetings. This is not the end of our abilities and the team can effortlessly work on creating clusters, bouquets, columns and arches all made out of different variations of balloons.

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